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A Day In The Life Of An African Ghanaian Woman

A Day In The Life Of An African Ghanaian Woman

Women in Ghana have unrelenting strength, power and a great voice but their chance to be empowered is overlooked.

In as much as English is dynamic, as humans, our dynamism is also seen and felt mostly in our thinking, our approach to life, and how we understand and express our thoughts and inward feelings. 

For decades now word on the street tells us, an African Ghanaian Woman is a woman of Ghanaian descent, born and bred on the soil of Ghana.

Even though that is true, the majority on a broader spectrum believe there’s more to who an African Ghanaian woman really is than what we see and what we’ve been made to understand. 

An African Ghanaian woman is relentless in her pursuit, Strong, brave, selfless and above all caring beyond measure. 

An African Ghanaian woman is undeniably a devoted feminist.

She is the woman selling the most delicious waakye by the roadside with three kids who wake up at dawn to get things done. 

She is the woman who does the house chores such as cooking, washing, sweeping, nurturing, and nursing her children without giving it a second thought. 

She is a hardworking, selfless woman who would do anything for her family to be successful and happy. She will spank you very hard when you go wrong and she will come back for you after you’ve disrespected her regardless of how angry she gets. 

An African Ghanaian woman is a true representation of colour and identifiable by her colourful headgear, African print fabric, and her beautiful Kente cloth.

She is a very reliable person and can give the best advice in the world. Continue Here 

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