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Silhouette Challenge and related Cybersecurity Risk. Beware!

Silhouette Challenge and related Cybersecurity Risk. Beware!

Expert in the Information Technology and cybersecurity sector and the Chief Executive Officer at Soft Group, BigGodwin Martey popularly known as “Big G” has expressed worry about the nature of ‘Silhouette challenge’ as it possess cybersecurity risks to those engaging.

Silhouette Challenge is a minute video where users pose seductively in dance moves at doorways and quickly turn it into black silhouette against a filtered red background and mostly without clothes. This challenge has gone viral and has amassed over 100 million views and subscribers and still counting.

Raising concerns about the nature of the challenge, the expert advised that, one must look into their future base on their aspirations before taking decisions today as it can make or unmake that future they so yearn.

He explained that anything put online or destroyed never gets lost, as it can exist in another state and therefore, it is not prudent for anyone to stoop too low by sharing their naked picture with the world on the internet for free in the name of a challenge.

“One of the beauties of life is the ability to time-travel into the future, either by imagination or by clairvoyance. In other words, as much as we are not omniscient beings, we have the capacity to predict our future outcomes based on our own aspirations and take decisions today that will have our end in sight. Now, let’s travel to 25 years time from now, you want to run for a Government office, let’s say an MP or President, or your future husband wanted to do the same which could make you the first lady, and someone went to dig your Silhouette Challenge video of 2021 and made it a viral video. And your opposition got a hold of it and made a big deal out of it – that you are unfit as a role model and leader because of the kinds of lifestyle and upbringing you have portrayed before.”

BigGodwin Martey.

According to him, another Tech firm might decides to create a filter that reverses the red light effect back to original and have a goldmine database of dancing naked women and upload it all on a Pornsite where people will go and pay to watch your naked dancing, adding “Who has be-witched you? Where is Wisdom?”.

Unfortunately, like a prophet, in less than 48hrs after his repeated caution on social media, Big G’s predictions have started coming true as  people started falling prey to what was supposed to be fun, trendy and chic and have started reaching out to cybersecurity experts to help them reverse their acts.

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This recent development is a clear indication that many people hardly give critical attention to cybersecurity and its related impact on our daily lives, most importantly on our privacy before involving in any “innovative idea”.

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In a related development, Dr. Albert Antwi-Bosiako, The National Cybersecurity Advisor has entreated the entire public to be mindful of the risk involve in posting stuffs on social media, asking the public to consider a second thought before making the move.

In an exclusive interview with Development Report Magazine ahead its next edition on cybersecurity and electoral management, he passionately raised concerns about ‘Cybersecurity Mindset’ which according to him is one’s ability to identify risk and be able to prevent a cyber breach.

Dr Bosiako however advised that any intervention to address cybersecurity issues must take into consideration awareness creation towards changing a positive culture about cybersecurity.

“If you have something to lose, beware of what you do behind a phone camera. The privacy of your device is an illusion”

Charles Awuzie.
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