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Ghana And The SDG 6 Target Achievement

Ghana And The SDG 6 Target Achievement

On the question of Ghana’s capability to achieve the SDG 6 objective amid these life-threatening challenges with barely nine years away, Mr. Apoya expressed cautious optimism. “Yes, it is possible; but from where I sit, the conditions under which it is possible, I don’t see how we can fulfill it. For instance, when you take sanitation, you are to get safely managed sanitation in every household. This means that the sanitation facility in your house is not only improved, but it is not shared by any other person, and that your waste has no way of contaminating the environment. With this, we will need like eleven million dollars [USD 11 million] to be able to deal with sanitation alone. Thus, [we will need] about 1.1 million dollars per annum for sanitation alone.”

Until, we get a sympathetic government who will see water as the bedrock of everything and will do the right thing, I will be a bit pessimistic in our ability to reach that target.

In the area of potable water supply achievement, Mr. Apoya says: “For water, that means everybody has their water in their compound, not to travel 100 meters to go and fetch [water]. Continue Here

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