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Memoirs Of My Childhood – The Africa Lake

Memoirs Of My Childhood – The Africa Lake

Ampe”, “tuumatu”, was the sounds echoing in my ears as I drew closer to see and hear the carefree laughter from my peers, jumping and playing away. It was vacation and that meant all the kids came together to have fun.

The sea sand felt good under our feet. We had never been this free because our parents would never let us alone to a destination like this.

As it was my first time, I gazed over the lake that I was initially less fascinated about, while my other friends maintained their gaze.

“But why is it called Africa Lake”? One asked. “Because it has the shape of Africa but without Madagascar”. An older boy uttered.

“Oooooh” we all gasped. I was so happy about my new discovery and couldn’t wait to tell my schoolmates all about it when school reopened.

Tired of our newfound environment and hunger setting in, we hurried off back home. The home was only 10 minutes walk from Africa Lake and at our tender age, it was no problem at all. For some reasons such as danger in crossing the road, we were not allowed to that side of town.

“Ma do you know that Africa Lake is like Africa without Madagascar?”

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“Is that so, tell me more?’’ she added

I was playing with Tsotsoo, Odai, and a few other friends yesterday when Odai mentioned it. He seemed to know much about the lake.

“What were you doing there all by yourselves, you’re too young to be by yourselves at such a place, do not follow anyone there anymore, if someone accidentally pushes you into it, you would drown and no one will ever see you again!”. Continue Here

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