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Driven By A Passion For Humanity

Driven By A Passion For Humanity

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) have gained a presence in the country since the 1960s with enormous impacts since the inception of the idea.  For the past fifty (50) years many of these organizations rose and fell with challenges mainly in funding.

However, one of these NGOs which stood the test of time for a decade now is the Rural Urban Partnership for Africa (RUPFA). 

RUPFA, which embarked in 2009 has been able to develop small skill enterprises and income generation activities with small loans of Two Hundred Ghana Cedis to One Thousand, Five Hundred Ghana Cedis (GHC200.00 – GHC 1,500.00 ) equivalent to US $40 – $300 respectively covering over 200 people with women being 95%. 

With the mission and vision to alleviate poverty, reverse urban migration and promote self-reliance among the people and ensuring partnership of rural communities with the urban cities to reverse rural-urban drift, through organizing income generation activities, community infrastructural development, and community mobilization concept focusing mainly on women and children, one significant thing confirmed that RUPFA’s work does not intend to amass wealth as the myth maybe but confirmed the fact that not all Non-Governmental Organizations seeks funds to support their personal enhancement, thereby differentiating those driven by a passion for humanity and those driven by their “stomach”. Continue Here


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