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Correction: Ga-Dangme, not Ga-Adangbe/Adangme

Correction: Ga-Dangme, not Ga-Adangbe/Adangme

This article purposes to correct the wrong spelling of the name Ga-Dangme. Ga-Dangme has been wrongly spelled Ga-Adangbe/Ga-Adangme in important documents.

The Ga-Dangme ethnic group comprises Ga(s) and the Dangme(s). There are eight Ga States, namely, Tema, Nungua, Teshie, La, Osu, Ngleshie Alata, Gamashie, and Obutu. Similarly, there are nine Dangme States governed by nine paramount chiefs. They are the Manya Klo, Yilo Klo, Se, Osudoku, Prampram (Gbugbla), Ningo, Ada, Kpone, and Agortsom (Agortsime). The Ga-Dangme people are descendants of the Gad and Dan tribes of Israel, hence the Ga-Dan prefix. Historically, the name Ga-Dangme never changed to Ga-Adangbe/Adangme.

Similar to other ethnic groups, the name is identity. A wrong name distorts history and ultimately affects development. A simple analogy is the conflicts that two project reports with the names Dangme and Adangme can cause in contracts. The wrongful spelling of names, in this context,  also affects national cohesion and unity. Thus, it is prudent that the correct name is used in all facets of life.

Unfortunately, the wrong name (Ga-Adangbe/Ga-Adangme) has appeared in several reports and news items. As a web search will show, it even appears in some government reports. This article seeks to correct this misconception and wrong spelling. This has become important due to the wrong identity it puts on Ga-Dangmes and the limitations it poses to their recognition. No ethnic group delights to have their name wrongly spelled. We state categorically that no such ethnic group Adangme/Adangbe exists. The ethnic group is Ga-Dangme and correction is imperative henceforth.

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There are several pieces of evidence to support this correction. At the University of Education, Winneba, there is the Department of Dangme Education. There are other institutions such as the Ga-Dangme Chamber of Commerce, Council for Ga-Dangme Divisional Chiefs, Ga-Dangme Council, Federation of Ga-Dangme Youth Associations, Ga-Dangme Foundation, Dangme Students’ Union, among others. These show the correct name, so there is no reason for wrong spelling.

Please remember to write Ga-Dangme henceforth.

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