George Tsitati

George is a passionate and driven researcher and writer on climate change, gender equality, and food security. He is currently pursuing his PhD in Agriculture and Food Security at the University of Edinburgh, where he is developing locally-led anticipatory measures to mitigate, adapt, and respond to humanitarian crises caused by climate shocks and stresses. He is also a Research Fellow at Jameel Observatory and Save the Children International, where he contributes to advancing locally-led early actions and disaster risk reduction in the Horn of Africa. Additionally, he is the Writer and Founder of Afrocism and Climate Change, a platform that explores the intersections of African history, culture, and politics with climate change. George holds an MS in Climate Change Science and Policy from the University of Bristol, where he was a Commonwealth Scholar and a Postgraduate Taught Students' Representative. He has extensive experience in data analysis, communication, and climate change impacts and has received multiple awards and certifications for his work.

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